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Today is Mothers Day in Sweden. I got mom a white orchid that she wanted. And she had us over for dinner, chicken wings and corn on the cob, sallad and then coffee and cake. Was a lovely day, very warm and sunny. I planted some dill and pulled The Hermit from the Mary-El Tarot. This is a stunning Hermit, like a japanese painting. He is from the ocean, formed by the ocean. He is off water and exuding water and carrying fire in his lantern. I quite like what Marie writes about him: ‘The Hermit is not alone because he is secluded; he is alone because he is ALL there is. The lamp is the sun stolen from the gods…’

Today I am reminded of how accepting my family is of my quirks and my rather tiresome character, they see through my flaws into the heart of me and accept me as I am and don’t mind terribly if I have temper tantrums or just prefer to be by myself. They give me space and that makes me feel closer to them.


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  1. I doubt very much that your character is ‘tiresome’… sounds like a wonderful family 🙂


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