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‘The Queens contain, protect, and provide a safe place where things can grow and flourish.’  If we see them in this way the Queen of Wands creates and environment of Spirit (growth, change). The Queen of Swords – of mind, The Queen of cups – of heart and the Queen of Disks of the physical environment.

At first glance the one that really sticks out for me is the Queen of Swords. Her face is in the environment, her eye is the raven, her lips the branches. It speaks to me of something fragmented where you have to connect the dots to see the whole. I see it as snapping up knowledge here and there and from the pieces create a whole, a way to interpret the world. I am blessed (and a bit cursed) by having a Queen of Sword mother and I myself is a kind of Queen of Swords, but perhaps not so sharp, more yielding, dreaming. But I was always encouraged from as long as I can remember to think for myself, to listen to others but believe only half of what I heard, to carefully examine what I saw and then draw my own conclusions, to speak of my findings clearly.

I love all the queens here but for different reasons. The Queen of Disks who’s tears crystallize into diamonds. We grow strong in her garden, but slowly, just like diamonds.

The Queen of Wands like a Venus cradling a Jaguar and with a sliver of obsidian in her head (for a weapon but also for a mirror so we can see our selves reflected back) She is the Shapeshifter, the changing Mother who makes our spirits grow.

The Queen of Cups, the holy Grail, a woman as a cup of overflowing Love. The crab with the pearls (made from years of irritation, a mollusk and some Mother of Pearl) Strangely enough I see her as the most Selfish Queen despite the flowing, she just looks to me so very cool, self-contained. She is more of that dream image – the Queen to be, then the creator of an environment I could ever thrive in.

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