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Being a show-off

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First, especially for Vee – the pannacotta with rhubarb and raspberry topping, it was yummy!

Then the bracelet I found at the market today. Lovely silver, like a watch where I don’t have to worry about time 😀 or a mirror where I can’t obsess over how I look.

And finally a bonus, the shortbread with raspberry jam middles I made last night. 😀

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  1. Oh. Nice. I thought “I” was your favorite.
    Well Vee can have the big one and I’ll have all the little ones 🙂

  2. That all looks yummy! And yay for market finds, lovely bracelet 🙂

  3. What time is tea time? 😀

  4. Oh, yum!!! ❤ Looks so good!!

    that bracelet is really cool. When I saw it, I got a memory flash of a book I read as a kid. I wish I could remember the book or why that bracelet made me think of it. 😛 All I can remember is a girl named Penelope out on a walk, and the roof of a church. Oh, that's gonna bug me…. but cool bracelet! 🙂


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