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Cosmic Tribe Tarot

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This week I will be using the Cosmic Tribe Tarot by Stevee Postman. A photographic rather ‘Thothy’ deck with a lot of nudity, so nothing for the shy. I bought this one when it was released or soon after and used it a lot back then. After being hit with a major case of collector-bug, I put it away and almost forgot I had it. But the other day while browsing through decks to find my favorite Empress a friend made me take this deck out again. It feels perfect for june, it has a summery feel to it.

Todays card was 2 of Wands. A very Thoth like card, with 2 pillars crossing and creating fire. Mixing stability with dynamism. What sparks my creativity? How do I express it? Right now it is by cooking and baking. I love to share what I make with friends and family. It is such a basic and down-to-earth thing, to produce such tangible result and then give, and nourish others.

Today I made a vanilla pannacotta with a rhubarb and raspberry compote topping.

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  1. Nice bright colors in this one – it does have a summery feel to it!

  2. I think I had something to say about the cards but I am too busy salivating over the last sentence omg

  3. I haven’t dared blog with this deck, given all the nudity. I worry some bot will report my blog and block it from Facebook or delete it… Probably worrying for nothing, so I’ll be interested to see how you get on with it 😉

    • heh, I was actually thinking about that, guess i can cover the more ‘full monty’ parts with strategically placed crystals or something :-p

      • Yeah, that’s a good thought. Or befunky the images… Maybe I’ll join you in a week or two 😉

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