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Disciplined thinking. That is the catch-phrase for today. I took my Cosmic Tribe Tarot and asked the cards What am I attracting – What am I repelling? (I call this the Magnet spread, I think I made it up – or I unconsciously stole it…)

What I attract: Knight of Swords is a challenger but also a protector and even a guide. He stands for mental force, an agile intellect, rash perhaps too quick to judge at times, but there is something pure about him too. Here I had to cover up his private parts cause I am not sure if WordPress would shut me down for some full frontal nudity. But see his owl-wings and the light from his brow.

9 of Swords is what I repel and it stands for clouded thinking, anxiety, nitemares and obsessing over things I feel powerless to change. There are birdwings here too, but the poor little creature are almost ripped apart, over-powered by the mesmerizing swords. We move in Yeshod here, the sphere of the Moon and dreams and things are not what they seem, it is easy to get lost.

(Interesting to note here are the ‘missing’ cards, the cards in the gap: 10 of Sword for the Ruin, the rock bottom, the over-kill and then Page of Sword for the childlike curiosity, the fresh start. We can almost read them all together – backwards)

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  1. Nice stone. 😉 Interesting that this knight has owl’s wings (which is usually active at night) and is shown with shining brow. Almost like he is to bring light to the darkness…


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