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Cosmic Tribe really shines in some of the wand cards. This one and 4 of wands are my faves. The Wands and hands makes perfect sense since wands are about Action and Doing things instead of just thinking about them, dreaming about them, regretting them or waiting for others to do them for you. Here the keyword is Community and I see it not only as how others help us or vice versa but how our ideas help us spin an even wider net.

I often think of how well this card fits with giving birth to a creative project. Wands are like seeds of fire and 9 is for 9 months of carrying to fruition but also 9 is not 10 – you are not done just yet! You still need to nurture and defend your creations. Sometimes those helping hands can turn out to be grabbing hands so protect your creation!

Time to think of a new deck to take out for a spin and I am a bit clueless. I did at least stop buying new decks for now πŸ˜€ There is really nothing out there now that I feel that I HAVE to get. Also I am thinking of selling a few decks that I know I just don’t click with at all so watch this space…

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  1. I have really enjoyed watching you use this deck this week! I can see why you like it. πŸ™‚


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