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I am not really feeling in the mood for tarot at all right now. I did pick out some of my fave Langustl cards though so might as well post that.

But really, I woke up today and just didn’t feel like even pulling one card. Logged in to Facebook and almost got annoyed over how everyone posted like a trillion posts only about tarot. So I am taking a little tarot-vacation for the week. Just doing other stuff, like creating new routines. (exercising and such horrors) And enjoying the garden of course:



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  1. Wow, you’ve gone from snow covered to blossoms seems like overnight! We’ve had so much rain the veggie garden seeds are refusing to stick their heads up, although the raised bed with lettuce and radishes is coming along nicely.

    The Langustl make my head hurt, I was more than happy to trade it on~

    • Well, we had rain for weeks, it is finally letting up. Also now we have the bright summer nights, bees at work around the clock and the flowers just slightly nodding their head before the next morning. This is my favorite time, just now. Perhaps that is part of why it suddenly feels silly for me to sit indoors with a deck of card…

  2. enjoy your time off from tarot :]

    • 😀 might only be a few days – however, june is just such a wonderful distracting month, all loveliness.


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