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Todays card is a different twist on the 8 of Cups. I often in other decks see this with the Waite-Smith ‘glasses’ as someone leaving a bad situation. Here we see that first impetus to take action. A man in a suit looking out over a man-made landscape, a skyline of tall-rises and a small angry sun pulsating in the background. We see a small child inside the man and all around him a machinery. He is just a cog-wheel in the machine…

Often people ask me ‘What do you do?’ as in what do you work with. This picture is of a Human Doing contemplating with it is to be a Human Being. When do we start to identify with our professions? At what age does the dreaming child turn into the doing cog in the machine? So instead of asking each other what we do – perhaps ask about what we are, what we dream of becoming.

This weeks deck proved to be really a whole lot more interesting then I thought it would be. I bought it on a whim, but it is moving very high on my list of fave decks 😀

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  1. goodness but this was exactly what I needed to hear! Synchonicity is a wonderful thing!

    • My whole week with this deck has been like that aha moment really. Glad you liked it too 😀

  2. You’ve been offering up some meaty readings with this deck! Really enjoyed the one today!


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