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This week I am gonna try to use the Ibis Tarot. It is made by Josef Machynka  in 1991 and published by AGMüller. The cards are lovely, with very nicely drawn figures and great colours, but the LWB and the cards are all in German and my German is quite hopeless. I can understand the card names well enough but will not be using the LWB at all and since I am not good with pip minors we’ll just see where this leads me.

I got this deck in a trade at least 8 years ago, perhaps more. And I stuck it in a bag and put it in a shoebox and stuffed the shoebox in a cupboard. Just because the pips felt like hard work.

So of course my first draw with this deck is a minor.

Die Sieben Schwerter – 7 of Swords. Over an empty desert-scape we see the shimmering clouds of a sunset. Super imposed on this landscape are 2 geometrical shapes formed by blue tinted steel swords with golden handles. The square and the triangle. I rack my brain to come up with anything. Then just look at it. The shape for me does not make me think of occult or masonic emblems. It makes me think of parts made to draw a house.

So we have the structure of a house, yet not a real house but a house of swords/mind. I build houses in my mind all the time! I just came home from a quick stop at moms for coffee and we redesigned her whole house as in the ‘if I win a million’ scenario. all those plans we carry around, the dreams, the ‘what if’s…

So today I am looking around me to see how to bring some life into my very real house, how to infuse it with energy and how to manifest my astral house in the here and now despite not owning millions.

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