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Oh how this word, once so filled with magic, now only brings to mind sparkling Hollywood vampires and their insipid girlfriends. I show here the english version of the Ibis deck. My copy is German and the card is called Das Zwielicht, but my camera is recharging at the moment so you have to suffer this scan instead.

Today this card makes me think of how fast the light changes. Just a week ago it was midsummer and the sun never settled. Last night I stumbled on cat-toys in the darkness when I went to bed. We now have twilight and actual dusk again. The light is waning. But a long string of warm summer evenings still stretch ahead.

One detail I notice here is that the crustacean in the little pool is not a crab but a scorpion. It’s tail equipped with a stinger. One should thread here carefully. This is a hazardous passage, the twilight obscuring the path, the pool, the scorpion, the guardians and finally off in the distance the two pyramids. Only one has an open door though.

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  1. “Oh how this word, once so filled with magic, now only brings to mind sparkling Hollywood vampires and their insipid girlfriends.”

    LOL! There is still magic there, for those of us who are able to put aside media for childhood memories, if only for a few minutes.


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