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Todays card is the 10 of Cups from the IBIS and it feels so full of movement, the large cup overflowing, the smaller dancing around it, propelled by water, the flowers opening their petals, even the little swirls in the hieroglyph in the corner. Just bouncing, dancing, moving.

Late post but today was rather packed. Woke up around 9 and then went to town for a shopping spree with a friend and mom. I got nifty and pretty things, came home for some ‘fika’ in the garden then a shower and dinner and all the usual mundane things. It has been a beautiful july day, sunny and warm with just a 30 second dew-drop like rain. Oh and my aunt called for a chat and we talked a bit about my biological father, her brother, and for once I wasn’t even annoyed or sad or angry or hurt when he came up in the conversations. I have my emotional safety net in place, for now. Life is not bad at all right now 😀


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  1. Glad to hear you’re happy and enjoying life! 🙂 I got the Eclectic Tarot by the same artist, Joseph Marcynka, not long ago. I’d been hankering over it for years… Will have to feature it on Seer Pathways at some point.

    • Ibis is pretty but I am growing a bit tired of the pip minors. I wish he could at least made them a little bit more relevant. They are so random. The Eclectic looks to have at least a little bit better minors.


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