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I just pulled this card for today, the 7 of pentacles. The Ibis may be pretty, arrange the pips on stylish backdrops, but that is all there is. The minors are pips as in not illustrated in any really meaningful way, just thrown out there for good measure. The LWB in German, goes on and on about how hard work brings in the profit. *sigh*

When I look at this image I don’t think about work at all. My mind goes off on a tangent about how the tree and the coins could be a family tree of some strangely mythological family including horses and half-gods. My imagination is so much more interesting then the mundane reality. That if you put your all into your work all this gold could be yours. I am somehow still in the back of my mind trying to incorporate a royal family which included horses…

Sticking to the genealogy angle, we got more birthdays and weddings coming up in the extended family this summer. It is bloody hard work (and expensive) to keep up with it all…

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  1. Hahha, i agree on “It is bloody hard work (and expensive) to keep up with it all…” It is indeed, but what can you do?! 😉 Btw, this faces on the Suit of Disks do confuse me!


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