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Today I pulled the 8 of Pentacles. It shows a man hard at the job of making these intricate pentacles, his shadow is the one procrastinating, flitting from project to project,never quite finishing the task at hand.

Today this card reminds me that I should keep doing the things I enjoy regardless of the distractions around me. I enjoy baking, I am pretty good at it. But not everyone will appreciate my efforts, some people just don’t like what I do and I should not let that discourage me from keeping at it. And often people are plain rude but that is not really my problem, I shouldn’t let it upset me. This goes for a lot of things other then cakes and cookies too. But today – for me – it is 😀


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  1. 8 of Pentacles is one of my favorite cards. It reminds me of the joy of the process…that kind of meditative and fulfilling quality that comes with just applying yourself to perfecting something you love doing.

    I can’t imagine that anyone would _not_ appreciate your baking, especially given the pictures you’ve posted here (*stomach rumbles), but yeah, ignore them. I suspect that the better you get at baking and making delicious things, the less you’ll care. The wonderful thing about acquiring skills is the confidence that comes with them. When you can do something really well, that’s something special! 🙂


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