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Locked doors

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Some days I just want to be left alone and today was one of them. How fitting to pull this card of a green little demon struggling to keep his door locked. And that squid trying to get in, yeah met him today too. Was polite but rather short and just claimed my privacy. My balcony door is open to the summer, not to people coming in and demanding right to my time, energy and computer.

Still, it made me feel petty. It is such a trivial thing but it ended up feeling like an invasion of privacy. You are welcome over for a cup of coffee and a chat if you remember that this is my home, not your free internet café.

This weeks deck is the Circle of Life Tarot by Maria Distefano. A round deck published by Lo Scarabeo in 2008. It is quirky and fun, very nicely painted and the cards are very much outside the box. The LWB is hilarious in a way. So cryptic. You could read the LWB out aloud and then try to guess what card it speaks about… Todays card 4 of Pentacles is very sane when compared to some of the others, the whole thing reads like a collection of proverbs. I like it!

‘We must know how to recognise our friends in order to defend ourselves from our true enemies‘ Quite appropriate for today.


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  1. Haha! I have overlooked this deck, that’s for sure. This post has put it on my radar.

  2. Hi Jema,
    Good for you for protecting your privacy! I find too that some people take for granted their right to invade my space & squander my time as they please, then when I resist, they retaliate by trying to make me feel guilty. But that’s just a head trip, and I no longer succcumb.
    I’ve been considering this deck, and I think you’ve just enabled me on it!

  3. My privacy and time for solitude is sacred; I would be a basket-case without it.

  4. I really enjoyed using this deck when it came up for me. It was a surprisingly good read. Glad you enjoyed it too. 🙂


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