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So it has been one year since I started the blog and decided to do the one deck per week thing with a group of friends over at the Tarotforum. I have not blogged every week, and there been weeks when I just didn’t do any tarot at all for one reason or another. But overall it has been a fun year with lots of surprises and quite a few new decks.

This last month I have been on a summer-break from the blog but I still managed to get a few new decks. Here they are:

The Masonic

Petrak Tarot

Dark Grimoire

Sacred Sites

The last two arrived just today and I only had time to take the pictures but they look lovely in very different ways. I do love LoScarabeo decks cause they are just really different, as far from a RWS clone you can get.

Oh and here is the list of the decks I used this last year:

1 – Transformational – Ando
2 – Liber T
3 – Ancestral Path
4 – Shadowscapes
5 – Navigators
6 – Sacred Rose
7 – Fantastic Menagerie
8 – Sidhe
9 – Victorian Romantic
10 – Oracle of the Dragonfae
11 – Sephiroth + Lenormand
12 – Sakki-Sakki
13 – … nothing
18 – jolanda
19 – Buddha
20 – SoL
24 – Shining Tribe
25 – Santa Fe
26 – Silicon Dawn
27 – Voyager
28 – True Love
29 – Yoga
30 – Proverbi Figurati
31 – Tarot of Prague
32 – Aum – Pages of Shustah
33 – Daughters of the Moon
34 – Enochian
35 – Mary-El
36 – Sheridan-Douglas
37 – …nothing but a weak try at Dodal
39 – DaVinci Enigma
40 – Crystal Visions
41 – Dame Fortune’s wheel
42 – Mythic
43 – Mary-El
44 – Cosmic Tribe
45 – Langustl (but nothing really)
46 – Cat People
47 – Tarot of Transformation
48 – Ibis
49 – Revelations
50 – Circle of Life
51 – ….
52 – Petrak

See how I cheated a few weeks there 😀 Some of these decks are now gone, some shoved back into a deep drawer and some taken out and given a top spot. Most pleasant surprise was 1001 night, Tarot of Transformation, Sheridan-Douglas and Enochian. All decks I didn’t have any expectations on at all but that really did shine.

The duds in the pack was True Love, Crystal Visions, Liber T and Daughters of the Moon.

This week I am just enjoying ALL decks at once (imagine me having a snake-pit of love and flinging cards up in the air while purring…) Next week it is back to the first week of the next 52. I still got lots of unused decks in the collection.



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  1. Thank you for sharing the journey, I’ve enjoyed all your comments.

  2. Yes, I do believe you were the one who enabled me on buying Ando’s Transformational Tarot, and I’m still looking for the elusive Tarot of Transformation! 😀


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