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This week I pulled out the Sacred Sites tarot. The artist is another Penco then the one who did the Dark Grimoire. The art here is lighter and brighter. The cards have no titles just numbers and symbols and the LWB don’t give you the standard meaning of the card but instead a short description of the place.  The sacred sites are taken from all over the world. I didn’t find any Scandinavian sites though.

The only way for me to connect to the cards will be to read up on the places. So it is in a way a more intellectual deck then an intuitive. That don’t mean it is bad though, I quite like it.

Interestingly both my first cards were of mountains. The first 1 of cups is Mount Fuji and what looks like a dainty tea-party taking place in it’s shadow. The other Croagh Patrick where we see the saint himself walking barefoot up the mountain.

Both are places worthy of Pilgrimages. But very different tempers. If you gonna climb the mountain you might as well bring good company and plenty of tea if you ask me 😀



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