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2 cards Sacred Sites

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Two cards for the weekend. I didn’t formulate any question really, just wanted to see how they bounced off each other and what they would stir up. The first is The Hanged Man and it shows the Christ Redeemed statue. This original is in Brasil, but my mind goes right to Lisbon, Portugal where a copy is places, smaller, not as grand, but overlooking Tejo. I could see it clearly from one of my fave spots, down by the river Tejo at the Praca Commercial. In many ways Lisbon was where I came to be me, to the full potential. I was open and brave and smiling and full of love and adventure.

The second card is one that I usually connect to just that feeling but here it is slightly twisted, just a bit ‘off kilter’. Ace of Wands show us Moses on Mount Sinia receiving the 10 commandments from God almighty in a burning bush. I guess those commandments really did come from a place of love but a more rigid one, a jealous love, from a stern Father. This is the kind of spirituality I stepped away from, finally, in my 20:ies. I left a cult and rebelled in a hundred ways.

So my bouncing off pair for these cards are sitting on a post-it on my desk now and looks a bit like this:

Open arms – Burning bush
Hugs – Ouch
New – Old testament
Love – Dogma and rules
Sacrifice – Divine inspiration

But there is a lot more to it really. I am not even christian anymore but have read the bible a few times. In my own spiritual practice I quiet enjoy a little bit of ritual and structure. Perhaps there is more of ol’ Moses in me then I first thought.


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  1. I’ve come to see the Bible as a history of a people, full of legends and metaphors, not originally intended for mass consumption. I believe there was a historical Jesus, though seriously doubt he would in any way resemble that preached from the pulpits today. I doubt he had any idea that he would become the basis for a new religion. 🙂

  2. I love your juxtaposed post-it list. Beautiful deck!


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