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I am awaiting several new decks but the only one that came this week was a miss-printed Tarot of the secret forest that will be replaced soon. So for next week I turned to the Random Generator again. Picking from my shrinking list of decks I own but have not used in years or ever it picked out number 2 – Tarot of the Animal Lords. It’s a Lo Scarabeo deck (I think a large portion of my collection is) the artist is Angelo Giannini. My copy even has all the cards in order so I think I might not even have shuffled it before.

The deck reminds me a lot about my childhood, reading Aesop’s Fables. I did however not jump for joy when I pulled this one out, but it is only a week, and perhaps I will love it. My resistance to animals in human cloths will just have to ease off for 7 days.

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  1. I have one deck that when I choose it randomly I feel the same…not thrilled. *L* It’s a beautiful deck, but I think what I loved about it originally has faded and the business is standing out more and more, sadly. I’m finding simple ones (such as the Tarot Nova or The Legacy of the Divine really are working best for me anymore.

    • yeah, I do love most of the LoS decks but this one does feel a little blah.
      My fave deck right now is the Sheridan-Douglas, so simple and quirky and funny 😀
      I am gonna give this one a go though. The ‘deck a week’ project is a lot of fun and a way to really work through all my decks.


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