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Snow on the savannah

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There is not much here that reminds me of the RWS 5 of pentacles except the snow. The LWB writes ‘Continuous commitment, wealth, serenity’ as keywords. What I do get when I look at this though is a sense of stability that holds you up even in harsher times. A little snow ain’t gonna change things forever. I see it as a minor setback, a period where your ability to adjust will be tested. The elephant in the background is like a fortress, something familiar, safe, un-moving.


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  1. an elephant and 2-legged giraffe in the snow… bizarre , but i like it!

    • lol yeah, bizarre is the word. not sure just yet if i will stick with this one a full week. It does feel a bit empty of emotional content. Those animals, in human cloths, just standing there…
      Perhaps in a spread they can get room to interact more 😀

  2. I have this deck & have been neglecting it..I’ll dig it out I think & we can compare notes.

  3. stay tuned for my latest entry, nominating you 😉


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