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I’ve been busy these last few days. My hallway is not renovated though, it looks great. Dark gray walls and one wall, facing you as you enter wallpapered in a beautiful wall-paper with shimmery butterflies on a gray background. Coat hangers up and I fixed a small table to unload mail and keys and stuff on.

The Animal Lords have seen a little bit of action though, no longer spreads, but a card here and there. I am still feeling a resistance to even sit down and give these cards their due time though. These animals just don’t look like lords at all, but rather sad and/or blank.  Last night I pulled out this pair. The animals in 7 of swords are according to the LWB snakes. These are actually quite expressive, although not very snake-like, they are taking shelter in this cave a bit off from everyone else to connive and make plans involving daggers. And right behind them, in comes the Hermit just looking for solitude and some darkness to explore. The Hermit is a black bear though so should be able to fend for himself. I also don’t think he really has any interest in what the snakes are plotting. He is following his own light and not gossip of others.

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  1. Hope you will show some picture of your hall! I´m curious of nature:-)

  2. I’d like some renovation photos too! I’m so bad at decorating I haven’t anything but a chair and a sofa table in my living room. Not. A. Clue.

    I think you are doing fine with these cards, they are making you think aren’t they?


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