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Aw just how cute is this card? Knave of chalices/page of cups is a little bookish chinchilla enjoying the lilies in her garden. For me this is a card of being open and taking pleasure in the now. As a kid my mom never told me to get my nose out of my books and go play outside. She let me sit and read if that is what I wanted to. She also never got me dumbed-down books, I learnt to read at age 4 or so from 1001 nights and Aesops fables. That is what she had at home. I got my own library card at age 6. Reading makes me happy, always did. That doesn’t mean I am stuck inside all the time. My best moments is in the garden with a cup of tea and a book and taking pauses just looking around me and be glad.

Today at my walk I noticed the trees turning yellow. I love the autumn but dread the winter, actually, I dread the winter more now then while I am living in it. So today I am trying to find everything about winter that I look forward to instead.

I love the clear starry sky and the aurora borealis making pretty waves. I love wintery food, hearty casserols and soups, spiced wine and juicy oranges. I love lighting candles and a fire in the fireplace and even got a new red rug I can lie on infront of it. I love the silence of winter, the way the snow muffles all sounds. I love the scarf I knitted and that I can wear when the cold rolls in. I like walking on the ice and imagine walking all the way across the botnian bay to finland… (not that I ever would lol) I love sitting indoors safe and warm with a storm howling outside and knowing I can sit here all day and night. Those are a few things I love about winter.

Oh and here is a link to my page on Goodreads, add me!

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  1. This deck looks lovely. I was never too sure about it but I like the images you have posted so far. Will add it to my Christmas list!

    • heh, i wasn’t too sure about it myself at first. But glad I stuck it out a week, it really is quite charming.

  2. As we say here, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade…well done.


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