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New deck for a week! This time I decided to pick one more from the Lo Scarabeo collection and got the Golden tarot of Klimt. It must be their prettiest deck of all. But not sugary sweet pretty, some of the cards are actually rather grim. Of course my resolution to stick to LoS decks the rest of the year is already failing since next week I will get this one! Tarot of the Absurd. For me, the card that made me buy it more then any other was The Moon. 😀 But that will be for another week. Back to Klimt. Of course the art is not really by Klimt, just closely related. The artist is A.A. Atanassov and the cards are filled with shining gold foil. I even love the backsides! I lost the LWB for the deck a long time ago but usually the LWBs from LoScarabeo decks is a bit of a joke anyway :-p

Todays card is 2 of Swords. Do they wrestle of embrace or both? It is such a cool card for just that duality that is 2 of swords, the break away from the ace, from One into something else, and the resistance to it. It is fraught with pain and tenderness and wildness all at once.

I went to see my aunt today, I love her so much, she gave me a new shirt/blouse and a silk pyjamas and lots of loving attention and she lets me reason things out, lets me cleanse out old hurt, provides a safe haven for emotional healing and that helps me to get my focus back. She let’s me wrestle with my shadows – who needs a shrink then? I left happy with a little skip in my step and a smile.



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  1. it really is a lovely deck, isn’t it?


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