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Todays Klimt tarot card (after having received the 2 of swords the last 3 days) was 7 of swords. The more I look at it the more I love it. The card is based on an original Klimt painting called Water-serpents 2. The associations my mind play with today are 2. What happens under the surface that I cannot see or comprehend and the concept of  ‘following with the stream’ Today especially those thoughts come up while reading about and listening to Salman Rushdie’s autobiography Joseph Anton on BBC Radio 4 and thinking about how persecution of free speech is something every man and woman must stand up against, whether we agree with the persecuted or now. To claim it is not our headache and how they should know better then to stand out is cowardly and dangerous. I remember noting for the Sheridan-Douglas 7 of Swords too, how I see in this card an image of how we deal with personal responsibility.

…and as I am writing this post, I get a swift kick in the behind when ‘Radiotjänst’ knocks on the door and ask me why I have not paid my TV licence… opps. I admit, I have a TV and havent paid my dues. See, it is so easy to talk about being honest and stuff and then when one look really close… there are things there that are not so very straight after all. Lesson learned.


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