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Tarot of the Absurd

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Just got this self-published limited edition tarot this week. Tarot of the Absurd is created by Jessica Shanahan in bright white and rich black. My photos does not do it justice at all. I got so many favorite cards already, just from looking through it twice. Included on this first shot is my usual 2 cards I index all my decks with – The Chariot and 6 of Swords, but I also had to include the first moon. Yep, there are 2 moons so you get to pick your favorite. I like the absurdity of this one the most.

The backs are simple and reversible – a pair of doors. My copy is nr 27 out of 600 and if you haven’t ordered a copy yet I recommend you to do so now 😀

Last night I pulled 3 cards while asking what kind of deck this is and how we would get along.  First card was Strength – please do read Jessicas tarot journal to learn all you want to know about ‘vagina dentata’  :-p This is a sensual card, and a strong and fearless one. I see it as an advice to approach the deck in a more emotional then intellectual manner. At first glance the cards look like they are void of esoteric symbolism, and they are! They are instead filled with personal symbols that it will be fun to see if I can recognize in my own life. In that way this Tarot of the absurd reminds me a lot about another favorite deck in my collection – The Sheridan-Douglas. It is not a RWS clone. While I can see it as being founded in that tradition it is made personal and in a quirky way.

The other 2 cards I pulled were 10:s 10 of Cups and 10 – Wheel of fortune. 10’s stand for completion, the end of one circle and the moment just before we start a new one. Cause really, nothing ends with a new family and a baby(except the pregnancy) – it just starts a whole new way of life. In the Wheel we all both give and receive. We go up and down and round and round and see things from a new angle each spin. We taste the world and we share it and sometimes keep it private.

It looks like I have a fun week ahead of me.


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  1. I rarely get too excited about a new deck, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Especially with cards like the “vagina dentata” one! Quirky decks don’t usually hold my attention for long, but this one looks like there are plenty of layers under that quirkiness. 🙂

    • I hope jessica continues to blog with her deck cause I do love her personal stories for the cards, like the story for 4 of sticks about living in Alaska. She should make a book and keep just that kind of things in it.

  2. I got number 13–much dancing and exclaiming about the fortune of fine art…..

  3. I got 22 at my request (favorite number) and yeah, its awesome. I don’t start working with my new week deck until tomorrow but I can’t wait :]

  4. Just to note: cassandra022 mentioned it on her blog and that’s how I discovered it–well done you! One of the best decks I have ever seen or used.

  5. Enabled….
    Just got an e-mail from Jessica to say my deck will be mailed on Monday – so I should have it in a week or so….

  6. I just ordered this and I’m very excited!!! I’ve had it on my wish list for quite some time and was really pleased to see that it became available while I was on a tarot break. What a treat!!! 🙂


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