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Perhaps my associations for today’s card says more about me then about the card :-p I also had a lot of other more positive things to say about this King of Cups but sometimes you just need to get the darkness out…

I grew up with a single mom and the men in my life (apart from my grand-father) were all damaged in different ways. My mom was just in her early 20:ies and had a thing for men she could ‘save’ so I would often walk out into the kitchen early mornings to find some ruffled hair stranger eating cereal in his boxers (if I was lucky, sometimes he would be in the buff) Men were not to be trusted, we had to hide money from them and sometimes they were trying to be friends but I could tell they just did it to score gold-stars with mom.

These men were just in disguise, slippery as eels, hard to grasp but always needy. Some tried to kiss me and touch me but that was all in my head, or a mistake.

I did grow up knowing one thing for sure though – you can never ‘save’ a man from his nature. If you date abusers, you will be abused. Just make bloody well sure not anyone else gets hurt too.




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  1. I think we must have the same mom. There could be twenty “healthy” men in a room and one “wounded bird,” and she would go after that one every time. Ended up marrying one who was a sociopath (a very good actor). She finally wised up in her late 50’s and found someone who loved her for who she was rather than what she could do for them.

  2. I had the MOST trouble relating to this card whatsoever and, for that reason, it was the absolute last one I illustrated. (Probably there are lots of us who have trouble with the King of Cups.) I love seeing what others see in this deck. Thank you for posting with it.


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