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You know todays card is not so bad. I can see myself very well in it, as someone full of thorns, walking outside with daggers in my eyes, being prepared for bad weather. And then it just don’t show up and I stand there feeling slightly silly having been so on edge, so ready to snap. Today I see it as a challenge! For anything. ‘rolls up my sleeves’ I am ready, gimme what you got. I am prepared, I even got tassels on my daggers! And rubber boots but no pants! And I’ll leave the hat on, just for you…  Wanna play?

Now the challenge I got today was in the form or a stack of books. Almost 2000 pages all in all. That is three novels by Spanish/Mexican/throw-in-a-few-more Roberto Bolaño. And I am no chicken, I am gonna start off with The savage detectives. Just need to finish up the Eco I am reading first…

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  1. Isn’t this card great?

    I have been on a murder mystery kick lately. Books by Chris Knopf, Maureen Jennings, and Louise Penny. Now I’m reading some goofy fictional thing about a Mayan codex and the end of the world. I just needed a bit of book candy to disappear for a while.


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