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Pulling myself up

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Today’s card was Judgment and boy what an exhausting day. One thing after another piling up and me having to make tons of calls to try and fix things. I managed to at least gain the information I needed. And all day – pouring rain and cold and internet down and bank trouble and phones and bleh, I just wanted to crawl back to bed but then the landlord came with some gear to fix the door and I just ran away from home for an hour. Fixed the bank stuff, internet solved, door can close, rain ceased and money borrowed until monday. One thing I am glad I did today was to actually DEAL with stuff and not just hide away. (I got a bad case of phone-phobia and hate making calls) But I did it!

I do love this image of the ballerina playing/dancing herself out of the tomb. Heeding her own calling.

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  1. totally feel you on the phone-phobia thing.
    yay for getting things out of the way, though

  2. OMG I had phone phobia for years–it got so bad I used to have to write down what I wanted to say before I made a call.

    Now I can do it without all the anxiety. The power of being in your fifties!


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