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This week I picked out the Tarot of the Secret Forest, a Lo Scarabeo deck with art by Lucia Mattiolo where the backsides are black/white sketches of the fronts, but really more then that, they seem almost like negatives. This is a deck that photograph badly though due to the very muted color-scale, so I went the route of using scans from Albideuter instead. Instead of just one card it felt right to pull 2 and let them create a short sentence.

Today’s cards are 9 of Swords and 6 of Discs. The sentence in my journal is: My wounded armour prevents me from clearly seeing the the gifts I receive. For me it is a signal to stop locking myself in and just go out – look up and breath. Tonight the sky is dark but the air is crisp and clear. The stars falling in the right cards mimic the fallen swords/leaves to the left. It’s all about what I make out of it.


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  1. This is a deck I never thought I would like because of the muted colors, but every time I use it I get great readings. Plus I suppose the colors fit a deep, wooded forest! Every time I’ve had a deck clean-out, I’ve never considered putting it in the trade pile.

    • I been very off/on about this deck this week. At first glance the cards all look murky and strange. but taken out just 2 at a time I find it gives me a lot more then I expected. I saw the artist is making a new deck now too!


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