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Rose antlers

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Today’s couple makes my mind spin. These are 2 beautiful cards but the associations for me today are not all pleasant. The buck with a cross and rose antlers, petals falling like drops of blood, makes me think (yet again) about sacrifices. And then the plums on the card next to it makes me think of this crazy cult I was in where they kept smirking and saying that the Lord’s servants with be known by their ‘fruit’ implying of course that their fruit was so much better then anyone elses.

So I have to make an effort to shuffle that away and just look and feel the cards for what they mean for me right now, right here. And then I close my eyes and think of my mothers garden, of her roses and her plums, of how they look today, slightly ruffled and just on the verge of wilting in the autumn chill. It makes me think of how she worked hard with her hand in that garden and how we all enjoy the beauty of it, the scents and taste of it.

Me, I am a bit too squirmish for garden work, I cringe at bugs and worms, I whine over having to dig into hard soil. I am a lazy gardener that likes to take shortcuts. My moms hands are welted and full of cuts, blood like the rose petals… I admire that passion and dedication and hope that one day I can be just like that with my garden.

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