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Looking back on the week that passed I seem to have pulled a lot of coins and so today too. 3 of coins shows a bird in the middle of a circle of branches, like an emblem, or like a brooch my grandmother would have worn. The bird clearly built it’s cage/nest but is also a part of it, tiny branches attached to it. It looks to be a work in progress though. In the upper corner of the image we see a bird in silhouette in the distance. Perhaps it’s mate?

Autumn is when people up here start ‘nesting’ We look after our houses, insulate them, stock up on wood, change curtains to richer, warmer fabrics, lay out the rugs we took away for the summer. My nest is ’empty’ too although of course I do not see it that way. This nest of mine is filled with books, blankets, cats, radio on in the kitchen, scent of cooking and baking, people passing by to say hi and come in for a coffee…

Oh I know my grandmother would have loved this brooch by the way. When I was 7 I once stole a brooch from her, I felt bad about it for weeks, well years actually. It was nothing fancy, just a little tuft of the softest thing I ever felt. I stroked it to my face. She said it was a piece of the fur from the tummy of a porcupine. I don’t know if she just made it up, but she made it sound real. I had to have it! Of course she must have known I took it but she never confronted me about it, I wish now she had. Then I would have felt awful a day or two and not guilty for being a thief for decades.

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  1. Maybe your grandmother felt by taking the brooch you were taking a bit of her with you. Unconditional love can make even the rough smooth…

    • Perhaps! I like that idea though. She was a very private woman who passed just a few years after that incident. She actually gave me some of her jewelry!

  2. I have always loved this deck, and that brooch goes so well with it.


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