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2012 Ascension

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It is a weird name for a deck, personally I don’t buy into the craze about this year as being either the end of the world or the beginning to a new era, not more then any other year. The deck is by Lo Scarabeo and made by Michele Penco. (The same artist behind the Dark Grimoire tarot which I loved even more) What irks me is how this is only mentioned on the box and not even in the LWB where the credit goes to the guy who wrote the rather black/white text.

I find the art to be really good, the palett is richer then in the Dark Grimoire that was more sepia toned. Still, somehow that deck felt more coherent in a way. This one is oddly enough about the year 2012 but everyone is dressed in some kind of generic ‘a long time away’ clothing.

The card I pulled for the weekend is just so nice though. Ace of pentacles shows a guy happy and dancing with a big shiny coin covering his tummy. It reminds me of how we must see to our basic needs first, before setting out to ascend anything at all. First warmth, food and protection – then eternal bliss.


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  1. You make an excellent point – hard to think about any type of enlightenment unless you have food, clothing, shelter and safety.


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