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I have been stuck on this card some time now, not because I didn’t know what my favorite cards were, but because I couldn’t really figure out Why. But perhaps I just like these cause they are very expressive of a for me sympathetic masculinity. They seem wise, warm and present.

The Mary-El Emperor is one of my favorite cards in the whole deck, which is rare, cause usually it is a card that I don’t like a lot in other decks. I love the far-gazing eyes, the sword ready, the firefly and even the little snirklishness in his ears. (I just invented that word) He looks like the kind of man I would like to have on my side. I love the little fish on his sword and how Marie White connects him to the Fisher King and how he IS the land. I am thinking how lucky a girl would be to have this Emperor as her father.

This is my second favorite Emperor. Such a classic, once again a profile, this time the Emperors gaze is towards his Empress. It is a warm orange, not a threatening volcano but a warming hearth. His tunic full of the snirklishness again and plants and bees.  And I love the two bucks with their curly horns in the back, bringing in solidity and a streak of stubbornness.


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  1. very nice choices :]

  2. Oh I can see why you like the Mary El Emperor! He looks like he might have a fun side to balance out his seriousness with that little smile he wears. 🙂

  3. “snirklishness ” is the best new word I’ve heard in many a year!
    I’m quite infatuated with the Mary-El deck, its impact on my practice comparable to that of the Thoth!
    To add to the favourite Emperor candidates, I’d add the Marseille – but I might throw the Greenwood Tarot’s Greenman into the mix.


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