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A weekend of reading and Golden Tarot

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Well, last weeks tarot deck, the 2012 ascension just wasn’t what I wanted just now. I snuck back to the Sheridan-Douglas instead. This week I will be using Kat Black’s Golden Tarot. It is a beautiful art decks, collaged from renaissance and medival art, gilded edges and packed in a nifty little box. I have used it before, when I first got it, but since then it just been sitting in the glass cupboard looking pretty. It’s basically a Rider-Waite-Smith clone and that might be why. I do like RWS decks but tend to pick more out-side the box most of the time. This one still got a lot of interesting little details though that make it worth while.

Just realised the photo here looks horrid, hopefully I can get some better photos of it as the week progress.

Tomorrow is the Read-a-thon! I got a large line-up, but diverse, and I might change my mind and pick something totally random as well. But for now these the the books I want to finish this weekend:

For snack – plenty of coffee and tea and juice, toast, lentil soup and some crisps and dip for the evening. I do plan to take trips to the store and walks around the block now and then and maybe even a little nap in those 24 hours. But phone is off and computer is just to check in now and then (that will be the real test, the stay off the damn computer)

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