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and I finished one book. Coupland – Generation A. It was a nice read, not as good as his others though. Right now I started with Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and hmm, the stilted english prose in the first chapter does have it’s place in the context but still gives me a hard time. I didn’t really participate in those mini-challenges the community holds for this event, I just read and get up for a stretch and a breather now and then.

It’s drizzling outside, wet and cold and dark, time to light a few candles and make some tea I think. I wish I had some audio-books to listen to so I could rest my tired eyes a bit.


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  1. buriedinprint

    Keep those pages turnin’
    The reader’s lamp a burnin’
    Stay up late!
    You’re doin’ great!
    (Tho’ tomorrow you might be hurtin’.)

    Go, go, go! (Team Smarties)

    Congrats on finishing a book. If Mitchell’s style is too much for the later hours, maybe something else on your shelves will work better for you? Enjoy the rest of your readathoning!


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