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Read-a-thon starting!

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I am ready! Soup on, cats napping, hot coffee, comfy clothes, book stack ready.

Starting with Coupland’s Generation A. Also gonna sprinkle in some sort stories by Lovecraft and perhaps even some poetry later!

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? I am reading in Skelleftehamn, in the north of Sweden and the sun is slowly setting at 16:16
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Cloud Atlas!
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? Already had 2 of the 4 donuts but they were yum.
4) Tell us a little something about yourself! Unemployed librarian, cat lover, tarot reader. I live alone in my apartment with a little garden. Left-handed, red-head. Loves to bake!
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? This is my first and I am most looking forward to see just if I can even do it!

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Dreamer, tarot reader and hobo librarian

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  1. Bettie aka Allison

    I have wandered in an would like to sit on your settee and have you read my cards. Do you i-ching too?

    • I do love the I-ching! I only got a translation-translation book though. Chinese – english – swedish. Need to get a good solid english one.


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