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This is an older bookmark, no time to make one tonight just for the read-a-thon. I made this out of scraps and with stamps at my work a few years ago. I even laminated it so it looks really professional 😀

Right now in the middle of Lois Lowry – The messenger. It is ok, a bit predictable though. But I needed something a bit easier going then Cloud Atlas for midnight reading. Found my paperback of Paul Auster’s  “Timbuktu” and will read that one too I think. I had it for years but I never much liked books told by animals so I passed on it. Until now, it is short and translated to swedish and looks like a fast read and I do love Auster… Almost bought his wife’s book earlier today, they had it in my supermarker. Siri Hustvedt – the summer without men, but I will just order it online later instead, or get it on the kindle.

This is my comfy sofa where most of the reading is done, cat asleep on the floor under the table.


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