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Golden tarot queens and update to read-a-thon

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Well, first of all, the read-a-thon went well, I did sleep a few hours though or I get horribly cranky. I would have done even better if I had some audio-books cause my old eye went out on me around half-way through, reading with runny red itchy eyes is no bit hit. I did finish 2 books and made good progress in a few more and had fun so that is all good.

The cards I pulled for this weekend of reading were 2 queens from the Golden Tarot. First Queen of Cups, she looks a little stern but hey, she holds a book and a pen, she might be thinking about how to end that romance/thriller she is thinking about. The Queen of cups is for the day after the read-a-thon and she is in deep thought over what she read. Does she look out over a more fertile ground for her imagination? A butterfly of fancy is over her head so she is not as stern as one would think.

November is nanowrimo, you know the month were you are signing up to write a novel of at least 50k words. I am no writer but my challenge will be to read 30 books in November! Must not start Infinite jest or 1q84 or 2666 then. They are just too long :-p

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