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Chill not Chillie (as in the pepper)

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I pulled the Tower. Somehow I didn’t really feel the imminent doom and chaos from it. What I got was the pretty sound advice to not lose my head. See, I love my head. Not that is it very pretty or even extraordinary smart, but it feels comfortable, I am used to having it. So to lose it would be rather irksome.

Very often I explode. I am a red-head with a temper so befitting. So I rage. I slam doors. I write angry mails. I cry. I calm down and get on with life. I am proud to say I never carry a grudge. My friends and family know this and bear the brunt of my volatile moods. I ❤ them for it. Thanks the GODS for people that don’t take you too serious.

I very often have to carry my head under my arm in shame though…

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  1. Despite it’s negative connotations, the Tower is one of my favorite cards, I’m very drawn to it for some reason.


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