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Mid-week switch

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I had planned to go with the Olympus tarot for this week but it is such a dull deck. I love the myths from old Greece but not the art of the deck. So I switched to Mary-El for now. I needed something with a little bit of passion. The card I pulled was Page of Wands. Marie says in her book it is Joan of Arc we see here and tells the story on how she refused the weapons of any lord but God and found her sword behind an altar. This girl is on fire! (and of course I got that song stuck in my head all day)

Today I feel filled with energy! I been busy all day and still got energy to write in my journal, cook food, bake a little, re-arranging my books, planning food menu for the week, visiting moms, folding laundry, dusting, dishes etc etc…

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  1. I love the pages in the Mary-El, they be some of my favorite cards in the deck.

    • I still have a few cards that give me some problems though. Like today I pulled 9 cups – the monkey. I dunno, I read the book but I am just not feeling it. Great decks but a few cards I just don’t like much. The good ones far out-weight them though 😀

      • yeah, I am quite rather take it or leave it with the book…i read it to get a vague sense of the ‘idea’ behind the art in the card, and then just interpret it my way because her system just does not work for me.

      • yeah, her Qabalah system I haven’t even started to figure out yet lol. Today I got 5 of Wands, the flying lion! Does he not look more surprised then anything? like ‘whoa – what is happening?’

  2. Olympus is lame indeed, i gave mine away…I am looking forward to getting Mary El though 😉

  3. Awe I had the Olympus deck on my wish list. Maybe I’ll go for the Atlantis instead, although they look similar.


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