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db_DM-_XV_-_The_Devil1 db_DM-_Schwerter_031For the new year I just took two cards. One for what is coming and one for what I am leaving behind. Cards are from the Deviant Moon tarot by Patrick Valenza, published by USGames. It’s a dark and rather disturbing deck, but kinda funny too. Lots of little humorous details in it. My year card for 2013 is also The Devil so kinda appropriate that it should show up here as what is coming. Looking at him together with the 3 of Swords for what I leave behind, The Devil don’t seem too bad. I see him as a way to take action, to be in charge, let my hair down, get down to the gritty details of life instead of playing the victim. Just look how she is displaying distress, pointing at the swords as if to say: ‘just look what you did to me’ My mind tends to dwell on the past and any little perceived injustice or slight.

The Devil is a card of pointing out issues of dependencies and bondage. It’s not an easy answer to how to ‘fix’ anything, but at least I am more aware of my patterns.


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  1. Gott nytt år!! Hoppas att ditt år blir kanon trots djävulen som årskort.-) Du får skylla på honom varje gång du busat eller gjort något tokigt eller småelakt 🙂

  2. In any other deck, this would be a sort of terrifying spread, but DM is so dark it’s kitschy and whiimsical, and I am just ‘dawwww’, lol.

    I like your reading of it. I can definitely see the whole “getting trapped by melodramatic negativity” in it.

  3. I have the Deviant Moon tarot. I find it hard to work with but I do love the images! Very intricate and twisted!


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