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This deck has been at the back of my wishlist some time, like an after thought. Now I suddenly saw that my online bookstore had it for a steal so I added it to my order for books. This is a ‘vintage’ deck (no ISBN) and comes with a folded out leaf with meanings with text too small to read, but the art is really good. I love this kind of primitive naive art. I am sure all those glyphs mean something but I don’t have the book for the deck yet. Anyway I am glad I finally got it! Despite being so foreign in it’s expression it is not at all hard to interpret. Website about Xultun.

The warrior of staffs is wearing a bear disguise and it remind me of how scandinavian vikings went into a ‘bärsärkagång’ or bear-rage when they went to war. The bear is a fierce and strong animal that will protect it’s young ones to the last drop of blood, but they are also loners, they don’t live in packs but go their own ways. Young bears when weaned set out on their own and only rarely seek out fights.

The 7 cups show a man making an offering (or perhaps just adding something) to an altar. I like this view of the card, an altar where we put our treasures, where we show what is important for us, a space set apart. I used to have an altar too but if one can’t keep it pristine and really take time and care with it then it is better to dismantle it and just construct it when needed. Just coming down from the christmas frenzy, I guess a lot of people just dismantled their altar to consumerism…

Oh these are the other things that I bought with the deck: Part 3 of Promethea by Alan Moore and ‘The complete polysyllabic spree’ by Nick Hornby.



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  1. i’ve been on the fence about this deck for YEARS. not many people seem to blog with it either, so looking forward to any impressions you may want to share :]

    also, out of curiosity – how much of your reading do you do in English vs. Swedish, and why?

    • well, I think in swedish and type in english 😀

      • makes sense, the reading in particular interests me because it seems like a lot of your book posts the books seem to be in english?

        of course you swedes are kind of awesome in your bilinguism, i was rather impressed how almost everyone over age of like 12 and under age of like 60 knew at least enough english to have a basic convo with and often more :0

    • yeah I would say that about 75% of my reading is in english, even more since I got a kindle 😀 But then we learn english at age 9 or so here and we hear english on TV and movies and music all the time. I may not be an expert speller and my grammar is only so-so but amazingly enough my english is still better then a lot of americans :-p I guess because I have to actually try harder, have to focus a little, which is why I like writing this blog in english, it’s good practice + it makes me really think over the cards more, like an extra spin in the old brain…

      • yeah, makes sense. when i was there my cousins kid’s unfortunately were below age 9 so I couldn’t really communicate with them at all which was sad because they seemed awesome…maybe next time, ha.

        and yeah, good practice indeed. honestly if i didn’t know you at all would not guess english was your second language from reading this blog. as you say, lots of native speakers write worse.

        i had the idea of starting an arabic blog to practice writing in that language but i lost interest/attention in it because its hard to think of what to write when it’s not about anything in particular…which actually makes me wonder what would it be like to write about tarot in arabic… perhaps you might have inspired me to give that a try! :0 though of course I don’t think anyone would be able to read that who was interested and vice versa but might be interesting…

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