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XultunSitting just inside the opening to his den, the nightsky filled of stars above him and the fire inside keeping him warm. It looks like he is pointing and showing us that they are the same. As above, so below. I wish I could tell what the murals meant, I am sure it is something.

The styles of the minors and majors are quite different here, the majors lack the thick lines and also the titles, just a serie of dots and lines. One long dot equals 5 and then 4 dots = 9. Easy enough.

Last night we had the most amazing nightsky with crisp and cold and clear air one thousand miles right up to the new moon, and stars spread out like a blanket of diamonds and near the horizon, just a hint of green moving northern lights. I am still waiting for that awesome pink aurora borealis though. This is a good winter for me, I quite enjoy it, which is totally new for me and have not happened since I was a wee little girl of 8 or so.



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