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HaindlNew week, new deck. The Haindl tarot is one I bought, traded and re bought at least twice. Even though I haven’t used it, it sure feels like it belong in a collection. Time to give it a week of my attention.

The deck brings together elemental, rune, i-ching and kabbalistic influenced in the cards but they don’t feel all jumbled together, it is still fairly easy to just focus on the image and let that speak, or draw in whatever correspondence you want. The art is finely etched lines softly colored.

At first some of the minors look all the same. But give them some time and effort and a lot of details will come into focus. There is a cloud of eyes here, small animals there, soft rain falling, a little moon in a corner…

Haindl is copyright to US Games.


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  1. This is a deck that I have bought and given away then have been tempted to buy again. The bland colors I don’t particularly care for, but as you said, there are all types and forms of symbols hidden in plain sight. Sigh…. I’m trying not to buy it back!

    • yeah, I think this must be my third copy of Haindl but I just decided to keep it no matter what this time 😀 I wish I had the books Rachel Pollack wrote for the deck. Will see if I can find them cheap.

  2. Never felt tempted to buy this deck but acquired a wonderful print of the Sun from this deck that is now on my bedroom wall! Possibly the least bland out of all the card images… I do prefer brighter colours.

    • ah the Sun card is beautiful. I think my problem is mainly with the ‘Stones’ suit. They look dreadfully dull, will just have to see what I make of them when I pull one.

  3. Never heard of this deck, it looks pretty.

    • It’s quite an old deck, from the 1980:ies and not a lot of people chat about it these days. Rachel Pollack wrote 2 or even 3 books on it though and I am gonna see if I can find those, I like her books most of the time and I hear the ones for Haindl is excellent.

  4. The Haindl Tarot. The art has a visceral effect on me. I like the history surrounding the creation of the deck, and the artists life journey. I’m a sucker for redemption stories and this one has it all.


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