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db_HA-_II_-_Die_Hohe-_priesterin1I haven’t pulled a daily card with Haindl as I usually do. I just been flipping through the deck and looking at whatever card struck my fancy. For a few days I had this High Priestess out on my desk. Perhaps she is there cause I am made more aware of the moons phase now. We had such clear wintersky in north of Sweden this week and the full moon will be on sunday. From where i sit in the evenings I see the moon growing bigger and fuller each night.

I also like the camel here. Another favorite HP card is the Jolanda tarot which also shows a camel. I read that one reason for the High Priestess being Gimel is that it is the camel that carry man through the vast desert, just as the High Priestess carry us over the abyss on the tree of life.

Oh and see how her dress turns to rain, nurturing the camel and the land below.


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  1. I like HP cards with Camels in them too :]

  2. I always thought the camel association was because the camel “stored water” like the HP stored wisdom within. I always learn something new by reading other folk’s blogs! 🙂


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