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Shipwrecked twice

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Peculiar title I know but I just have to write a few lines about my dream last night. I was living in a huge ship, made of metal sheets and somehow furnished in gilded wood work and worn red velvet with bunk-beds and silly little boltholes and books in heaps and old trunks where I kept my treasures. But the ship sank and I had to throw myself into the ocean and swim to harbour. Later I lived in another, rather similar but slightly weirder ship and I was busy sorting through my wet and moldy belongings when I heard the warning that this ship too was doomed to sink. So two shipwrecks in one dream. I was never really distressed though, more annoyed and looking for lost little trinkets.

CosmicThis weekend I switched deck again, this time to the 80:ies fave Cosmic Tarot by Lösche, published by AGMüller. It’s full of glammy but half-forgotten hollywood starlets. Blowdried huge hair, dark lipstick and hairy chests (on the men at least)

This is a deck I owned and traded and bought back just recently. It is actually rather pretty! But you do need to get over all the Clark Gables and Greta Garbos and even a Sigourney Weaver. It is not a deck if you want diversity, this is as rich white and straight as you can get. It does have on the the most stunning Star cards ever though.  I am hopeful I will post more on the deck later this week.



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  1. I love this deck, though it took some time for me to even like it. 🙂 Like you, I gave away my first deck only to buy another copy. I’ve had so many decks like that. Those that I loved for years, then suddenly became disenchanted with them, and those I didn’t care for over the years and suddenly became attracted to and enjoyed using.

  2. I love dreams! Being on a pirate ships sounds like a fun adventure!


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