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9736930First of all, I am just starting this new book by S.J. Watson ‘Before I go to sleep’ Imagine Lucy (Drew Barrimore) 20 years later waking up still with no memories only to see her aged hands and face in the mirror and married to a stranger. Only here – add to that a certain creepy feeling that things are not as they should, and a hidden secret journal… Perfect reading for a cold and dark February evening.

And I pair it with a tarot deck some people think is creepy too! I don’t, I quite like it, the weirdness of it. It is the I am One tarot that caused some flurry of critique on the AT forum when it came out since the Majors, the titles and the suites (but not the art of the minors) are based on an earlier deck with no credit given. Here is a harsh review of it which I don’t really agree with myself. The earlier deck is OOP and hard to find but you can read on it here: The new tarot for the Aquarian age

I am OneI find the art interesting and the titles for the cards make it feel more of an oracle then a tarot. The LWB is kinda nice too in that it makes connection between certain cards. We’ll see how much I use it. I am at a point in life where I read more books then cards…


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  1. Oh dear, you and Bonnie Cehovet are unbelievable, i am ever inspired by how much you both read – and what amazing depths you reach… you are every writer’s dream come true! Ohh, thank you for reviewing the deck, i didn’t know of it – very interesting!

    • I was thinking of setting up a book-blog too. Not sure how to do yet. But it might be fun to chart a year with books…

      • Jema, i was catching bits and peaces of your insights on various networks/ groups etc., you have what it takes – the love for books, the analytic thinking, the broad education AND, last but not the least, you are very eloquent! Just start one (on wordpress too ;)) , limit your entries to 500 or 800 words (more than that is time consuming for you & everyone else) and 2 posts a week; make it free flowing, essay-type… i see you having a huge following very soon – you are the prototype of an European intellectual ❤

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