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Been reading a novel by an author called Anna Kavan ‘Ice’ and it is one of the weirdest books I ever read. Imagine opening a book and recognize the landscapes and even some of the feelings from a dream. I do keep a dream journal (now and then) and in it I have logged a dream taking place on a desolate island in an icy ocean and in Kavan’s book I am right back there. Slipstream is a label used and I like that. Slip stream. Something flowing and bending in ways you could never imagine or predict. Just like a dream. The book is slightly depressing though but the strangeness of it is appealing even so.

iamoneThe card I got yesterday was 6 curved blade which I guess is same as 6 Swords. I am come and go it says. Well, I am not really coming or going much at all. It feels like I live my life all in my head. Or my dreams. I need to try and reach out and re-connect with the world again. Now just how did one do that again?


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