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iamone22I am showing here how this image would look with no multi-language border, this is from Maya Britans site. A bit larger if you click the image. It wasn’t until I looked up the card from the New Tarot of the Aquarian age though that I saw what she is really holding in her arms. It’s not camping equipment at all! It’s not a blanket and some fire-wood. It is a blue-print plan and scrolls. Now that does make more sense. The idea here is that the Fool = The nameless-one is the recorder, the possibility of every man and as such is the creator of music, art, literature etc. A bearer of culture.

I see a spider over her head and waiting in the left corner is both a cat and a dog. The big melting sun looks like it is being born from a cave. The fool is naked, clad only in ideas.

I often feel like I have no plan at all, just drifting out to sea but in my little boat I got plenty to keep me busy. A discussion about age on a forum made me think about how little the me looking out of these eyes have changed, how I am still stumbling around trying to find my big bright GOAL in life. And how I bet when I am 70 I might still be looking for it. I got the things I need to stay happy though. I might never end up with a great career or a fat paycheck or a big family, perhaps I just keep rocking around in my little lost boat with my books and plays and other scrolls I pick up on the way.

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  1. That is a lovely card; I like the idea of the Fool as the bearer of future culture. It almost looks like she has emerged from a tunnel (similar to people who have NDE who say they enter a tunnel of light).
    I know exactly what you mean about being busy but drifting without a GOAL. I’ve got a college degree and nothing to use it for (though I did wind up with a huge student loan to pay off). I finally think, now that I’m sprouting gray hair, that as long as there is joy in my life and my basic needs are met, I don’t need the huge house, important career, etc. Maybe joy is the only goal I need to worry about.


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