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Mountain Dream Tarot

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Mountain DreamLast week I got Bea Nettle’s Mountain Dream Tarot in the mail. I had it on my wishlist for at least 10 years but it has been OOP a lot of that time. Now it is available again and I just adore it. It is the first photography deck!

It is basically a RWS clone and I usually don’t like those, but there is a lot of feeling and flare in this one. That whole 70:ies groove. Unfortunately the deck is a bit warped but nothing I can’t work around. If you want to order the deck go to Bea Nettles shop! She got lots of other awesome stuff too that I wish I could afford some day 😀

MountainDream4cI picked this lovely 4 of cups the other day. It is not perhaps done so ‘flawless’ you can see how the boys hand has been superimposed over a cup. Today we would have just digitally added a hand actually holding a cup. But Bea Nettle worked with what she had. The 3 cups on the ground are all different, with the fourth, we can’t yet see what it really is, the hand both offers it and hides it.

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  1. Hi! the Mountain Dream Tarot is a fantastic deck with it’s experimental & pioneering photography techniques of the time, with Bea’s creative eye. it takes me back to my teenage years – I was lucky to inherit one of the decks, and have also found it inspirational to use, hope you continue to enjoy! It’s great to hear that Bea has published another edition making it once again available


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