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A bit of a cold

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Mountain Dream 9pI been terribly grumpy the last few days, had a cold coming on and been utterly whiny and horrid. Today I am better but I sneeze a lot. On the tarot forum I was in a trade-train (you trade away one and get one and pick from ‘stations’) and I behaved badly and hereby apologize.

Today I took my lazy ass self out for a walk, went to the library, had a nice chat, signed up for a book circle and came home with a bag filled with old magazines they sold cheap. So now tea and reading, my fave things.

Last nights card from Mountain Dream is so much cooler then me. 9 of Pentacles. In the background my slightly failed shortbread (I dropped the cardamon in the bowl) I can only hope to be as cool and collected as this lady. And don’t you just love that dress!

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  1. I like the way the woman in the picture is actually looking at the bird; most 9 of Pents cards have the person seem oblivious to it. That tea and cookies look mighty good to me! 🙂 Hope you kick the cold to the curb soon.


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